You know its time to send the energy back when your liver feels hot.

Melee MagicEdit

Carom III
Attack 1
Soft hands, caress the spell, around and back you go!
Thrice Per Encounter * Arcane, Stance
Standard Action                     15ft
Requirement: 3 AP
Target: Attacking Enemy
Attack: Will vs. Magic Class
Hit: 1d4+Will Damage Reduction
Properties: Will Damage to attacking enemy or other Melee reach.
Must succeed on Will vs. Armour Class attack

Name AP Range Attack Effect Properties
Carom III 3 3 Will vs. MC 1d4+Will Damage Reduction Will Damage to attacking enemy. Melee, Will vs. AC.


This attack is to be used in two stages: Block, and Transfer.

  • Block is to be as an Immediate Interrupt. When used, it reduces damage inflicted by 1d4+Will. If used to aid an ally, you must be within melee reach of said ally.
  • Transfer is an additional option. If the original attacking enemy is within melee reach, damage can be redirected. The Transfer does Will damage.


Chapter 2 - Ravnica

This spell was one of the originals, which I took from Liliana's graveyard. As I understood it, it meant that I could control positive energy (which I thought of as White Mana).

Still wondering why Liliana would have it...