Three 1s in a row? I'm on fire. Also you are on fire. Literally.

By drawing on the raw chaos mana that makes up his being, Chris can chain a bolt of energy through a series of enemies.

Ranged MagicEdit

Chaos Bolt IV
Attack 1
I do so very much love prime numbers. They're so pretty.
Twice Per Encounter * Arcane, Nonelemental
Standard Action                     Ranged 10
Requirement: 2 AP
Target: One Enemy
Attack: Prime
Hit: 1d6+Will
Properties: Chain, Prime 12, Forced Jump on 1
Name AP Range Attack Damage Properties
Chaos Bolt I 2 10 Prime 20 1d4+Will

Nonelemental, Ranged, Chain

II 2 10 12 1d4+Will 2x Per Encounter
III 2 10 10* 1d4+Will 2x Per Encounter
IV 2 10 12 1d6+Will 2x Per Encounter
Chaos Bolt III [2|los 10|Pr 12]


The attack does not roll vs. any saving throw, but instead requires a prime value on the attacking die. On a hit, the bolt can chain to another enemy within 10 squares if another prime is rolled. The attack can keep chaining as long as the user requests it and keeps rolling primes. For this attack, a 1 is a critical hit, does max damage, and must chain, even if allies are the only targets remaining.</div>