Ouch... owwy owwy ow...

Uttering a simple prayer, the Cleric gains the power to instantly heal wounds, and their touch momentarily suffuses themselves or a wounded creature with a dim silver light.

Melee MagicEdit

Cure Light Wounds II
Attack 1
Close, wounds! I demand you!
Twice Per Encounter * Arcane, Holy
Standard Action                     Melee Touch
Requirement: 3 AP
Target: One Ally or One Enemy
Attack: Auto or Will vs. Magic Class
Hit: 1d6+Will
Properties: None
Name AP Range Attack Damage Properties
Cure Light Wounds I 3 1 Will vs. MC 1d4+Will Elemental, Healing
Cure Light Wounds II 3 1 Will vs. MC 1d6+Will

Elemental, Healing