"I got it..."
Vital statistics
Class Mimic
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Team Net Gain
Level 2
Power Source Mizzium belly.
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At Will Abilities {{{at will abilities}}}
Encounter Abilities {{{encounter abilities}}}
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Fortitude 0
Reflex 0
Will 2
Modifiers Zone, Perception
Weapons None
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Armour {{{armour}}}
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Status Lost and Confused
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Fortitude: 0

Reflex: 0

Will: 2

Initiative: 0

HP: 10 (10 + Fort)

AC: 10 (10 + Reflex)

MC: 12 (10 + Will)

Speed: 5

Agility: 1 (Reflex + 1/2 level)

Athletics: 1 (Fortitude + 1/2 level)

Social: 1 (1/2 level)

Perception: 3 (Training + 1/2 level)

Zone: 5 (Training + 1/2 level + Will)

Items: None


Nerdery, basic CPR, lore knowledge, mechanically inclined.


1. While sleeping in the cabin.

Ducks. Ducks wearing hats. Ducks wearing hats that form a ducky government, the hats now being of the stovepipe type.The ducky government is concerned about abortion, since some ducks keep making duck omlettes out of the eggs... The ducks in hats are now discussing underwater exlporation, which seems impossible given that they can't seem to manage to stay underwater... A ducky dubmarine is built, the hats being Donald style sailor caps. The submerged ducks in sailor hats find there to be fish, and squids, and further down dark gods whose sleep in the chasms of the ocean are disturbed... No more ducks. Squirrels. Squirrels in pants...

Twincast / Heat Shimmer misfiresEdit

Frostbolt = chilly cheeseburger bolt

Gelectrode = red wolf

Angry birds + foursquare = Success!

Angry birds + bump = purple kitten transform

Nieve's Horse = Kog'Maw

Death's Reach = Better then original

Self vision rune combo = Success!

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