"Unlike most churches, at Orzhova it's best to pray before you arrive."

Class Traits:Edit

Role: Controller and Leader

Power Source: Shadow

Key Abilities: Will, Reflex

Armour Proficiencies: Cloth, Leather

Weapon Proficiencies: Military melee, Simple melee

Implements: Daggers, Holy symbol

Class Features:Edit


At the beginning of each day, draw seven cards from your library. At the beginning of each turn during combat, draw one card. At the end of each turn, discard down to seven cards if you have greater than seven in hand.

The Orzhov Syndicate bears the facade of a religious group and may well have been a true faith at the signing of the Guildpact, they now worship only profit and power. As Black/White magic users, their white flavor can be seen in that they have a strong sense of tradition and community, reflected by the fact that they still go through all of their ancient rituals and customs despite not truly worshipping any gods, and by that they hoard all their wealth to themselves but will gladly share with family members or close friends. Their black flavor can be seen in that they regularly deal with the dead, they never give to charity if they can help it, and continually violate the spirit of the law solely to meet their own ends. To what end will you go to in order to complete your goals?

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