Vital statistics
Class Priest of Emrakul
Gender Female
Race Human
Faction Team Net Gain
Level 2
Power Source None
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At Will Abilities {{{at will abilities}}}
Encounter Abilities {{{encounter abilities}}}
Daily Abilities {{{daily abilities}}}
Fortitude 0
Reflex 0
Will 2
Modifiers Zone, Athletics
Weapons None
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Armour {{{armour}}}
Equipment {{{equipment}}}
Status With friends, and some crazy chick on a horse.
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Fortitude: 0

Reflex: 0

Will: 2

Initiative: 0

HP: 10 (10 + Fort)

AC: 10 (10 + Reflex)

MC: 12 (10 + Will)

Speed: 5

Agility: 0 (Training + Reflex + 1/2 level)

Athletics: 0 (Fortitude + 1/2 level)

Social: 0 (1/2 level)

Perception: 2 (1/2 level)

Zone: 3 (Training + 1/2 level + Will)

Items: None


Extensive, potentially useless knowledge of esoterics, metaphysics, and mythology. Basic first aid and CPR training. Training in scientific research, studied in various marine sciences, including biology and oceanography.

Dream Sequence 1Edit

I'm in an anime, I think. Everything has giant eyes and mouths. I see lockers, and backpacks... I'm walking to class, I think. I hear a scream as a giant tentacle pulls a girl by her leg into a classroom, but I notice they aren't screams of agony - there's some giggling afterward. This does not seem out of place to me. As I get to class, the room is empty, except for a looming tentacle horror monstrosity sitting at the teacher's desk. I am suddenly acutely aware of my Japanese schoolgirl outfit.

"You're late," Emrakul entones in his ancient and endless voice. I laugh, but what I hear is a man's voice doing my voiceover. "EMRAKUL TIER ARETAK!"

Suddenly there are three yellowish zombies with huge anime eyes and mouths, slowly shambling in my direction. "Oh no!" I scream, in a bored, manly voice, though my face indicates terror. "This extra credit isn't worth it!" The man reads his lines off a sheet of paper. There's an audible page turn and a sigh.

"I could arrange for... other... means of repair to your record..." Emrakul seems to smile, somewhere, somehow. The door slams behind me.

I awake with a start, in a cold sweat, screaming "BUT I POOP FROM THERE!"

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