First aid kit

May the Pulse be with you.

First Aid KitEdit

A package of materials and how-to's brought from the Earth that was.


First Aid Kit
Utility 1
Sweet sweet lifeforce.
Twice Per Encounter * Item, Mundane
No Encounter Action                     Melee Touch
Requirement: 2 AP
Target: One Ally
Attack: Auto
Properties: Heals 2x of surge outside encounter. Additional Second wind and Healing Surge when equipped.

First Aid Kit
Utility 2
This is how I don't die.
Twice Per Encounter * Item, Innate
Standard Action                     Self
Requirement: 2 AP
Target: Self
Properties: Uses Healing Surge, Heals 2x Surge, Additional Surge value and Surge when First Aid Equipment is available. Stacks.
Name Type AP Range Use Properties Equipped Effects
First Aid Kit Device 2


Heals 2x healing surge outside of encounter

Mundane, Healing

+1 Second Wind and Healing Surge
First Aid Kit Encounter 2 Self 2x Healing surge per use, Requires Kit Healing, Self Healing Surge is increased by 1, and number of Healing Surges is increased by 1.

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