Wrapping fire around their hands, the user can augment their Hand-to-Hand attacks. The attack costs 3AP to cast, and 1AP to maintain from round to round, and allows an additional 1d4+Will on a successful physical hit.

Melee MagicEdit

Flame Wreath
Attack 1
Flame on!
Once Daily * Arcane, Fire
Standard Action                     Melee weapon
Requirement: 3 AP, 1 AP Maintenance
Target: Self
Attack: Auto
Hit: +1d4 +Will Fire Damage
Properties: Adds to Melee attacks. Must maintain to keep going.

Name AP Range Attack Damage Properties
Flame Wreath 3(1) Self Auto 1d4+Will Fire, Sustained


While the attack requires a lot of rest to regain, it can be maintained for quite some time during battle. By focusing 1AP per round, the attack can be kept going until the end of the encounter. Failing to maintain results in the spell dispersing.

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