The To-Hit value of abilities is one of the most used properties, so it is important that you know how to correctly derived the value. To help in this endevour, there is a small chart on your charachter sheet, that is filled with values thusly:

Attack Mod 1/2 Level Training Enhancement Stat Mod Base
(Your To-Hit Value) (Rounded down) (Level of proficency) (Magically attracted to target) (Usually Reflex, generally spells do not get a bonus to hit from will) Usually -2 for simple weapons, -4 for large or unusual weapons, -6 for huge or not-weapons, -8 for massive or unintended weapons (1)
Example for untrained with a unusual weapon (a can of paint), at, level 3, with two points in reflex, 1 in will. Untrained in targeting spells.
-1 1 0 0 2 (reflex) -4 (unusual attack)
For a person with beginner training in swords, 1 in reflex, 2 in fort.
2 1 2 0 1 (reflex) -2
For a well used magical ability that may let you encase enemies feet in rock. Reflex 2, will 4.
0 3 0 1 (usage) 0 (Cannot be boosted by reflex or will) -4
To attempt to wrestle a huge creature. Reflex 3, Fort,1, Will 7
-2 5 0 0 1 (Fort) -8 (Huge and mobile)
To attempt to trip a huge creature, Reflex 3, Fort 1, Will 7
0 5 0 0 3 (Reflex) -8 (Huge and mobile)

(1) Generally going up a size class makes the due hit go down by 2, and difficulty of use also make it go down by 2, and things like if it's mobile like a vehical, if it talks to you or distracts you, if it flys, if it requires you to bleed to use it, will also reduce the to hits by a further 2. So a flying vehical (massive) that was sentient and trying to resist your actions that you want to use to hit zombies would have a -8-2-2 = -12 Attack mod.

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