"I was just bitch slapped by a birch!!!"

Placeholder person
Vital statistics
Class Shinigami ... ?
Gender M
Race Human
Faction Team Net Gain
Level 2
Power Source  ???
Feats {{{feats}}}
At Will Abilities {{{at will abilities}}}
Encounter Abilities {{{encounter abilities}}}
Daily Abilities {{{daily abilities}}}
Fortitude 0
Reflex 1
Will 0
Modifiers Social, Zone
Weapons Katana
Weapons Training {{{weapons training}}}
Armour {{{armour}}}
Equipment {{{equipment}}}
Status Active
Companions {{{companions}}}

A new member of Team Net Gain, after appearing in The Ghost Quarter on Ravnica.

Joe's shikai(small)

Joe's shikai release form.

Joe's zanpakto(small)

Joe's zanpakto as seen in his soul.

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