Vital statistics
Class Aes Sedai
Gender Female
Race Chosen Human
Faction Gongshow:Gaiden
Level 7
Power Source One Power
Feats Weave the Power
At Will Abilities Shock, Delving Spear
Encounter Abilities Wall of Air
Daily Abilities Thunderstorm
Fortitude 3
Reflex 2
Will 2
Modifiers None
Weapons Wooden Spear, Wooden Bow
Weapons Training Bow, Spear
Armour Golden Skulltulla Armour
Equipment Freddy Krueger's Glove
Status Active
Companions Iago

Adventurer from Origin Earth, and a prominent member of Gongshow:Gaiden. While a later joiner than the rest, Karissa has made significant improvements to the group, especially in the area of class.

Training in ZombielandEdit

While working in the Our Body exhibit at the Saskatchewan Science Centre on a very very boring day, Karissa fell asleep, only to awake at dusk on a strange rooftop in a world admidst of chaos. At this point, things in her memory become fuzzy, with only vague recollections of joining with a ragtag group of people and finding a grocery story to hold until hopefully the apocalypse would blow over.

Why can she not remember what happened? When did she learn to see the One Power? How did she learn to Weave? How did she come to join the survivalists? Perhaps her memory will return in time.

Journal Entry XEdit

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