The Logrus is a shifting, three-dimensional maze which represents the forces of Chaos in the Amber Multiverse.

The Logrus appears as a tentacular force that must be navigated on a mental or magical level. Those who navigate the construct successfully can gain power over and the ability to Planeswalk , or to pull desired, non-specific objects from other worlds.


My feet are heavy, my pockets hurt, and my left temporal lobe is itchy... can I go home yet Santa?

Walking the Path of ChaosEdit

Imprinting the Logrus is a dangerous trial, and potentially fatal. The Logrus is not exclusive to a certain blood or family line, neither does it kill as surely as the Pattern of Amber to those that do not properly assay it. However, Logrus initiates always suffer from at least a small period of mania after imprint. No one escapes the Logrus untouched, though most Logrus-manias and dementias are curable, some are permanent. The Logrus seems to have a bias of less debilitation to warriors and more to warlocks. It affects the mind more than the body, though physical deformations are far from unheard of.

Other LogrusesEdit

While the traditional, or true Logrus resides in the Courts of Chaos, it is believed that some other worlds have their own Logruses resultant of fissures in the original. Some also believe that those who have great power in Chaos can create their own worlds, or even their own Logrus.


"As well as the Pattern, [Sic] has mastered its Chaos equivalent the Logrus, conferring added powers of tactical nuclear weaponry, remote handling and magical apportation (useful and indeed much used for summoning beer and pizza)."