"There is no magic, but merely tricks in manipulating elemental forces of the world. Its limits are merely a result of a lack of understanding among magicians.

Class TraitsEdit

Role: Defender and Controller Power Source: Arcane Key Abilities: Will, Fortitude

Armour Proficiencies: Cloth, Hide

Weapon Proficiencies: Improvised melee, Simple melee

Implements: Orbs, Wands

Trained Skills: From the class skills list below, choose 1 more trained skills at 1st level.

Class FeaturesEdit


A strong connection to the true source of magic allows for boosted attacks or increased defense at opportune moments. Harnessing this power allows the Magician to roll their Raw Magic dice to either push further energy into an attack, boosting its power, or to push energy into oneself to decrease damage dealt by enemies.    

Level 1: 1d4 per round

Raw Magic Magicians are masters of the arcane and magic. Following in the steps of Pug of Stardock, Macros the Black and the Great-Ones of the Tsurani Assembly, magicians can tap into great powers of terrible destruction. Magic in Midkemia is practiced by very few people. Some say that there are Greater path Magicians who are like programmers or system designers. They deal in abstract codes to get results. Lesser paths are more like artists and they directly manipulate the "stuff" that makes up the Universe. To the eyes of any nonmagician, anything that a person can do that cannot be explained is labeled magical. In the more superstitious rural areas, magic-users are usually shunned, or worse, captured and killed. What will you do with your magic? Will you be shunned and killed?

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