This is a spot for discussing things we'd like to work out with the mechanics of the game itself.

1) Armor

2) Keeping things interesting for each player in different ways

3) Making sure players don't/can't just copy each other's abilities (Aww man - LRB)

Luke's Proposed Fixes:

1) Armor = Damage Resistance - if DR(armor) > certain values, lower speed.

Armour also gets a Durability score that goes down by 1 with each hit.

Say the Stormtrooper armor has DR = 3 and Durability = 10. So we can take 10 hits before the armor breaks, and if we repair it (assuming we could), the Durability becomes 9, and so on.

This doesn't account for any special properties that armour has.

2) Resources - what do people actually call upon for their powers? Mark and Luke call upon M:TG mana, Steve calls upon Dragon Blood, Chris calls upon the Logrus and Topher calls upon (fire? Hell if I know), so Resources are the method used to quantify each of these. Using M:TG as the example:

Luke gets N black mana and X white mana, decided after each extended rest, up to (level,level + will?), and an additional mana dependent on the current plane (or maybe current situation?). Luke gets to decide how to distribute his mana each turn for any spells he casts.

However, Chris' Resource is his 'connection quality' with the Logrus. Depending on what he does (situation? stat? etc.) his connection quality increases or decreases, enabling different spells.

3) Specializations - each universe has a set of specializations. The number of specializations that a player can pick would be determined by awesomeness/DM willingness. Here's my example for M:TG.

White Blue Black Red Green
Manashaping (e.g.: Whitehand) Manashaping Manashaping Manashaping Manashaping
Summoning Summoning Summoning Summoning Summoning
Protection Mind Magic Dark Dealings (e.g. Dark Ritual) Chaos Magic Growth
Law Magic Elementalism (Wind/Water) Degradation (e.g. Darkblast) Emotion Magic Plant Manipulation (e.g. Rampant Growth)
Judgement (e.g. Carom) Metamagic (e.g. Counterspell) Death Magic (e.g. Zombify) Elementalism (Fire/Earth/Lightning) Instinct Manipulation

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