Vital statistics
Class Cryomancer
Gender Female
Race Chosen Human
Faction Gongshow:Gaiden
Level 7
Power Source Elemental
Feats Frozen Soul
At Will Abilities Shoot 'Em Up, Perfect Defense, Ice Lance
Encounter Abilities Skating Rink, Ice Wall, Ice Cascade Oh Yeah!
Daily Abilities Summon Ice Golem
Fortitude 2
Reflex 0
Will 5
Modifiers {{{skill training}}}
Weapons Frying Pan
Weapons Training None
Armour {{{armour}}}
Equipment {{{equipment}}}
Status Active
Companions {{{companions}}}

Friend of the members of Gongshow:Gaiden, from Origin Earth. Adventurer from Origin Earth, and a prominent member of Gongshow:Gaiden. The most recent member of the party, Morgan uses ice powers, and the magic of friendship and song.

Training in DisneylandEdit

Her training is a mystery to us at this point.

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