Pillory of the Sleepless
319 pillory
Class Dark Cleric
Ease of Use 2 per deck
Power Source Black and White Mana
AP Needed 3
Prerequisites 1, White, Black
Range Melee Touch
Target One Creature
Attack Roll Will vs AC
Hit Roll None
Effect Creature is immobilized and disabled, DC 20 to escape grab.
Special Creature is dealt 1d4 damage per turn while held.

The user traps their enemy in a chilling, ghostly set of stocks, holding them unable to use their arms, and which slowly eat at their life force until they die, or manage to slip out.

Immobilize and DisableEdit

The target is unable to use their hands, or to properly move until they escape the bonds. Escape requires an Escape roll, Athletics or Agility vs DC 20.

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