Primal Plasma
Primal plasma
Class Summoner
Ease of Use 4 per deck
Power Source Primal
AP Needed 4
Prerequisites 4
Range Melee
Target One Empty square
Attack Roll None
Hit Roll None
Effect Primal Plasma is summoned until end of encounter.

Choose: 3d4 damage, 12 HP

Special or 2d4 damage, 8 HP, Flying

or 1d4 damage, 24 HP, Immobile


When Summoned, Primal Plasma may be a Normal, a Flying, or a Wall creature.

  • In all forms, it has AC 14 and MC 10.
  • In Normal form, it has a speed of 5.
  • In Flying form, it has Flying 5, Hover.
  • In Wall form, it has speed 0, and is a Wall 2 that provides cover.

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