Wooden Captain America Shield

A shiny, airy, nearly invisible force shield erects in front of the caster, stopping part of the next oncoming attack.

Utility MagicEdit

Shield I
Utility 1
Once Per Encounter * Arcane, Nonelemental
Standard Action                     Wall 3
Requirement: 2 AP
Target: One Enemy
Attack: Auto
Properties: Reduce damage by 1/2 or 5, whichever is lesser.


AP Range Attack Properties
Shield I 2 Wall 3 Auto Reduce damage by 1/2 or 5, whichever is lesser.


Mark's Shield spell blocks either 1/2 or 5 damage, whichever is lesser. The defense is a Wall, which occupies a specified number of contiguous squares within range, starting from an origin square. Each square of the wall must share a side with at least one other square of the wall, but a square can share no more than two sides with other squares in the wall. It is of instant duration, disappearing after blocking the attack it was meant to intercept.

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