Stormtrooper Armour
You know, I feel like we all have great aim until the second we put these helmets on.
Vital statistics
Type Plate Armour
Damage Modifier 1d10
Reflex Modifier -3
Magic None
Availability Common
Notes Poor vision, plastic

Armour taken from the Layla's Stormtroopers. The crew of Gongshow:Gaiden saw a few soldiers die in the fight against the Giant Piranha Plant.

Standard issue stormtrooper armour consists of 18 pieces of white plastoid-composite body armour over a sealed black body glove, and has breathing apparatuses that aid in poorly oxygenated or polluted environments to a certain extent, as well as staying cool in warm environments or warm in cool environments. Still, they are very cheaply made, as troopers were easy to come by. Why build armour more expensive than your soldiers?


Stormtrooper Armour has the unfortunate side effect of having very poor visibility, and as a result when wearing the armour, characters take a -4 to their To-Hit rolls for ranged attacks.

As well, the armor is plastic, thus not especially good against fire-based attacks.

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