Scar Pridelands

It's been worse.

The Pridelands: Under Scar's ThumbEdit

Be PreparedEdit

They're animals. Tree. Hyenas. Painting of themselves. Fight demon spiders. Nala helps.

Circle of LifeEdit

Go find Rafiki. Rafiki is an old crazy monkey. Go find Simba. Fight Kraven, zombie hyenas. Kraven is a zombie.

Hakuna MatataEdit

Attempt to sneak to pride rock. Steve fails. They fight Scar and super Kraven+Turtle.

I Just Can't Wait to be KingEdit

Someone accidentally stepped on the Retromutagen ray. Chris calls down the almighty power of god. Everyone sacrifices something for Topher. Black, All colors but black, humanity, presence, control. Rafiki gives them some drugs. They leave.

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