Tree of woe

I'm just going to take a little nap here.

Hyboria: Everybody Has Their Own RulesEdit

Rule 1: You Will Obey Orders Without QuestionEdit

They hear they're in the world of Conan. They fight a bandit with magic. They seek out the bandit's seller. They fight Ba'al.

Rule 2: Punishment Shall Be SwiftEdit

They join the clan. Luke wipes Bethlehem's memory. Idaho remembers.

Rule 5: Your Allegiance is to the ClanEdit

They live in the clan. They train. They cook and clean. It sucks. They escape.

Rule 3: Mercy is for the WeakEdit

They save Conan. They fight a sorceror lady.

Rule 7: Any Clansman May Challenge for Leadership of the ClanEdit

They sneak into the headquarters and kill big bad.

Rule 4: Terror Will Defeat ReasonEdit

Freddy Krueger.

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