How long have you been training to be a prat... my lord?

Merlin's Castle: Pop Quiz!Edit

Test timeEdit

Arriving in an uncomfortable manner, the party was booted from the Stonehenge transportation system and landed in front of a strange castle. Though the party had sustained some injuries, they trekked onward into the castle. The door opened with ease.

Inside, amidst impressive luxury and a faint smell of vanilla candles, they found three large, ominous, threatening plant-like beasts who stood in their way.

Fortunately, instead of their usual manner of handling new possible adversaries, they walked right up to the first beast and greeted it.

Karissa: Hi. We are here to speak to Merlin, would you be able to let us past, or happen to know where we could find him?

Plant Beast: Hahaha well now, isn't that awesome? I think that qualifies as a success.

The three beasts changed and melted, forming into three identical copies of their old friend Jamie Madrox. He greeted them.

Jamie Madrox: Hey guys, long time no see. You're looking a little worse for wear, but that's cool. I bet you've been up to a lot since the Technodrome.

Karissa: Wow, it has been a long time. Where have you been?


Onward... To adventure!Edit

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