Æsahættr, also known as the Subtle Knife, is a knife with a blade so fine it can rip through the fabric between the worlds of the multiverse. A knife with a double-edge, the Æsahættr possessed one edge of keen steel, which could cut through any physical material. The other edge was even sharper, extending to a point so fine that the eye could not see it. This edge was able to search out gaps in the fabric of space and thus cut through the fabric of the universe and into others, referred to in the books as other worlds. No known material can resist the knife, although it will break should its wielder attempt to use it whilst thinking about a person they love. The characters believe that this is because the knife is incapable of cutting through love.

Æsahættr literally means God-Destroyer.

The knife is currently carried by Deekin Scalesinger, but who knows how he obtained it in the first place...

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