Sometimes Summoning is incredibly painful.

The act of bringing an animal, spirit, demon, or other being from another plane to your own.

Summoning MagicEdit

Summon II
Attack 1
Come hither.
Twice Daily * Arcane, Conjuration
Standard Action                     Personal
Requirement: 3 AP
Target: Adjacent Square
Attack: Auto
Properties: Spirit has 3 Hit Points, Summoner's AC/MC, and 1 Damage.

Name AP Range Attack Damage Properties
Summon I 3 1 Auto Special See below, Summon
Summon II 3 1 Auto Special 2x Per Day

Mark's SummoningEdit

Summons a spirit in animal form to aid in battle or espionage. The summon does 1 Damage and 3 Hit Points, and vanishes after Will +1 rounds, or at the end of the encounter.

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