Tidehollow Sculler
Class Dark Cleric
Ease of Use 1 per deck
Power Source Shadow
AP Needed 2
Prerequisites White, Black

As an additional cost to summon Tidehollow Sculler, sacrifice a Silver Obol or equivalent coin in the Leather Coin Pouch.

Range Melee, See Special
Target One empty square
Attack Roll None
Hit Roll None
Effect The Sculler is summoned until end of encounter.

2d4 melee attack, 8 HP

Special Tidehollow Sculler can only be summoned near a large area of water.

When Tidehollow Sculler is summoned, target enemy within 10 squares loses one Memory. When Tidehollow Sculler leaves battle, that Memory is returned.

The ScullerEdit

A boatman that Luke first encountered in Hell, on the plane of Treachery.  The mysterious boatman carried him toward Lucifer's ice cave. After being summoned in Treachery, the Sculler also ferried the party to a gateway out of Hell.

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