Tirek, Master of Midnight Castle
The power is mine, the dark descends, now begins the night that never ends!
Vital statistics
Class Warlock
Gender Male
Race Centaur
Faction None, ex-minion of Noheart
Level Low, Approximately 10
Power Source Dark
Weapons Rainbow of Darkness
Notable Abilities Turn to Evil, Trample
Status Deceased


Once only a lowly minion of Noheart, Tirek was given a bag containing the Rainbow of Darkness that allowed him to exert his authority over Care-a-Lot and Equestria, causing great chaos and ruin. Gongshow:Gaiden defeated him by overtaking him with the Piece of Rainbow.

According to Prince Scorpan, Noheart left the castle and domain in Tirek's control and left with a woman with control over plants and a man who created ice

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