Boom! And not looking at the explosion, of course.

Vindicate is likely the most powerful single attack from Gongshow Gaiden, which has destroyed everything it has been used on.Edit

Ranged MagicEdit

Vindicate I
Attack 1
I will not mourn for you, this is your destiny.
Once Per Day * Arcane, Explosive
Standard Action                     ???
Requirement: 10 AP
Target: Object ??? squares away.
Attack: Will vs MC
Damage: ???

Luke's VindicateEdit

A simple blast of positive and negative energy, but far more powerful than any other White or Black spell that Luke can use.


In the Pridelands, we discovered an altar that oozed with black and green mana. While the others were examining it, Luke sat awashed in that power for several seconds.

He was tempted to use that power to summon something large and frightening, but destroyed the altar in a fit of rage to resist the temptation. Unfortunately, at the moment he did so, the others were examining the altar closely.

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