Shadow Lance


A lance of black and white mana forms around the caster's hand. Once it pierces an enemy, it either disappears in holy light or is withered by darkness. It can pierce through one enemy and hit a second behind them.

Melee MagicEdit

Vortex Lance I
Attack 1
Once Per Encounter * Arcane
Standard Action                     Melee Weapon
Requirement: 2 AP, 1 AP Maintenance
Target: Self
Attack: Auto
Hit: RvsAC
Properties: If the attack roll is odd, Vortex Lance deals1d6+F unholy damage. Otherwise, it deals 1d6+F holy damage.


The thought of Vortex Lance first came to me in a dream when we first got to Zombieland:

We seemed to be in modern Vancouver, and the city was being invaded by reptilian aliens. Our group was running with the civilians (blending in? or maybe running from a powerful foe?) when I saw them - the superhero group a couple of us imagined in a gaming campaign. I saw Decibal blasting aliens with a soundwave, Dr. Fubar squishing another into a gelatinous flesh cube (a favorite hobby of his), and the character I had played. John Martin, aka Riddari ("Knight"), the archeologist who discovered ancient Atlantean armor and had started to undergo the transformation into a Machination. Nanites were replacing his blood, and would grow an incomplete set of plate armor from his own hair follicles. He looked directly at me as I stared in wonder at the events occurring in front of me. Then I saw my own face in his, as the helmet was grown over his eyes, and his massive sword came into being in his hands.

"Of course!", I thought. There was no reason to be restricted to M:TG abilities with my mana. I could take inspiration for new powers from one of my own creations.

I thanked Riddari as my mana circulated around me, forming a black demonic wing on my left shoulder to contrast the white angelic wing on my right. I flew into the fray as a great lance grew from mixed black and white mana around my right arm, piercing the first alien that came at me through the skull.

After that, I started to practice making a swirl in the ground with black and white mana mixing and separating each other. I got pretty good at it after a while, and once we finally got to the mall to evacuate some civilians from the city, we encountered a large number of zombies in the way.

Initially, Mark set up a wall and we would shoot the zombies as they approached the barrier, but someone decided to jump it and attack the zombies directly. I shrugged and decided to try out Vortex Lance. It took a bit of time for me to properly swirl the mana and turn it into an appropriate conic shape, but once I did and put it through a zombie's face, that zombie disappeared in a blast of holy light.


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